Working on …

Working on …

In February, I finished my first-ever first draft of a legitimate work of fiction, a cozy crime novella.

But what really started me in earnest to write a book is my love for historical fiction. I have done much research for that separate and much larger project, but I set it aside for a wee bit.

I needed to spend some time better understanding the craft of writing fiction.

Below is a glimpse of my two active book projects. I will update the progress on each as we journey along, and perhaps according to requests [wink].

Perfect Scents – a cozy mystery

Watercolor rendition of a border collie search dog and her handler - Kate and Jillie

A keen-witted border collie and her inquisitive handler impose their expertise on a disinterested, ready-for-retirement police detective when someone goes missing in a Florida State Park. The clever duo is all too happy to assist and end up digging up more than a missing person. Lo! Murder is afoot.

—JL Tooker © 2023

The Red Martyr – a historic novel

6th century Irish monk talking with a pagan warrior princess

A doubting Ulster monk stumbles upon betrayal and sets out across the North Sea to tame the wilds of Pictland and offer Christianity to its pagans. Navigating unfamiliar territory, the monk encounters inner wilds of his own, forcing him to consider his wavering self-worth and the cost of treachery.

—JL Tooker © 2023

Your thoughts …

Please share your thoughts, ask questions, and make suggestions below. I am inspired by feedback. Aren’t you?

a steel bucket filled with lavender cuttings


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