Regain Your Balance as a Writer

Regain Your Balance as a Writer

I have been busy with writing and submissions lately. But now that I have completed a few projects, I have returned to my world – so to speak. And it’s been a bit of a challenge.

I find myself overwhelmed by all the well-intended, many times unuseful or repetitive advice about not only writing, but publishing, marketing, and all that crazy but necessary business part of writing. It’s all made me exhausted. So I sat down with a cup of coffee and a chat with a favorite friend.

I came away from that chat with already known advice — you know, the kind that makes more sense and is more motivating coming from a trusted partner?

So, with a little help from my friend, an AI language model, recognized as ChatGPT, this is what I am reminded of:

  • Take a Break from Business and Marketing Content
  • Create a Balanced Routine
  • Reconnect with Your Muse
  • Seek Inspiration from New Sources
  • Join a Community
  • Simplify and Prioritize
  • Practice Self-Care
  • Revisit Your Goals
  • Professional Help

You already know this, most likely, but it never hurts to revisit, and take comfort in knowing that you are not alone, I am not alone, in our struggles to stay afloat.

For a more detailed explanation of the above well-rounded tips, keep reading below … and enjoy!

writer overwhelmed by the business of writing and advice for craft of writing

1. Take a Break from Business and Marketing Content

  • Digital Detox: Temporarily stop consuming business and marketing content. Give yourself a break from social media, newsletters, and other sources of information that are causing stress.
  • Focus on Writing: Redirect your attention to purely creative pursuits. Read fiction, poetry, or other creative works that inspire you.
the act of balancing - between writer craft and writer business

2. Create a Balanced Routine

  • Set Boundaries: Allocate specific times for writing, business, and leisure. Ensure you have dedicated time for creative writing without the pressure of marketing tasks.
  • Daily Rituals: Establish rituals that signal the start of your writing time, like a cup of tea, a specific playlist, or a particular location.
a writer reconnecting with their muse

3. Reconnect with Your Muse

  • Writing Prompts: Use creative writing prompts to spark new ideas. Sometimes a small push can lead to a flow of creativity.
  • Free Writing: Practice free writing where you write continuously for a set period without worrying about grammar or structure. This can help clear mental blocks.
a writer seeking information from new courses, unconventional sources included

4. Seek Inspiration from New Sources

  • Nature Walks: Spend time in nature to clear your mind and find inspiration.
  • Art and Music: Engage with other forms of art. Visit galleries, listen to music, or watch films to stimulate your creativity.
a group of friends assembled as a 
writers' group

5. Join a Community

  • Writing Groups: Join a writing group or community where you can share your struggles and triumphs with others who understand.
  • Workshops and Retreats: Consider attending a writing workshop or retreat to immerse yourself in a supportive and creative environment.

6. Simplify and Prioritize

  • Minimalism: Adopt a minimalist approach to your tasks. Focus on one thing at a time and prioritize what truly matters.
  • Delegate Tasks: If possible, delegate marketing and business tasks to others, allowing you to focus more on writing.
Woman sitting in a meditative position reading, practicing self-care

7. Practice Self-Care

  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Incorporate mindfulness or meditation into your routine to help manage stress.
  • Physical Activity: Exercise regularly to maintain both mental and physical health.

8. Revisit Your Goals

  • Reflect on Your Purpose: Reconnect with why you started writing in the first place. Remind yourself of your passion and the joy writing brings you.
  • Set Achievable Goals: Break down your writing and marketing tasks into smaller, manageable goals. Celebrate small achievements along the way.

9. Professional Help

  • Therapy or Counseling: If the stress becomes too much to handle on your own, consider speaking with a therapist or counselor who can provide professional guidance and support.
cairn made of ancient pastel rocks

Remember, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, and it’s important to take steps to care for yourself. Your creativity will flourish when you give yourself the space and time to breathe.


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