Home For All the Days

Home For All the Days

I am thrilled to announce that today I received my copy of Coming Home – Carefully Curated Poetry. In it is my first ever submission of a poem, to a contest. Published. And all on a whim!

I had just written an exercise for a 100-word memoir piece when I learned of Oprelle’s Coming Home contest. It was near the last day to enter. So I thought, “Got to jump into the fire sometime,” and here we are.

Imagine my surprise when I received the following email:

Dear Wonderful Poet, 

It is Oprelle Publication’s great honor to congratulate you on being named as a Finalist in the 2023 “Coming Home” Poetry Contest

        This contest was uniquely challenging in that the competition drew awarded and published writers as well as complete novices …where so many times, we find diamonds! Needless to say, the Coming Home competition always draws some tough contenders. Our judges really enjoyed the thought, subtle nuances, and flow in your poem.

 Congratulations Again! 

– Team Oprelle and President Karen Croftcheck, Ph.D. 

And now … Home for All the Days:

To the barnyard, down the plank-by-plank walkway.

Wood grouted in earth, no more, except occasional

tar to preserve. Determined, I toddled the wooden

walkway, a sturdy walkway assembled by sturdier

hands, Grandpa’s hands. From the back kitchen door

to the front barnyard fence, splintered beams, buried

deep and immovable but trip-able, framed the plank-

by-plank walkway. Fresh-cut grass, the picnic kind,

to my right. Luscious ripening peaches, plums, and

apricots wafting from the left. Grandpa lived at one

end, Grandma at the other. The path between was

well-worn and long walked, plank by plank. Not

always even, but well-worn and long walked.

JL Tooker © 2023

You can purchase a copy of Coming Home here.

In the comment section below, I would love to hear what you think about my poem, and pose questions, thoughts, or comments about your own experiences submitting your writing to contests and for publication. It can be daunting. But I promise—if I can do it, you can do it!


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