Flashier than Flash

Flashier than Flash

My First 25-word Story

The things I didn’t set out to do today:

  • add more challenges to an already full challenge plate
  • write a story, less than 25 words long
  • submit said story to Gotham Writers’ monthly challenge at #GWStoriesEverywhere

But I’m happy I continue to experiment, and here goes …

Hidden Remains

An ice crystal halo surrounds the sun of an imposter. I have been deceived by celestial trickery. Onward. Home will not hide from me forever.

JL Tooker 13 April 2024

What do you think? Is it a story? We can discuss why or why not. If you care to, scroll down to the bottom and leave your comments. Also, I welcome you to follow me on X, formerly Twitter.


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