wild lavender field among grass appearing pink due to camera blur
writers feather quill pen of teal and lavender hues above a pool of teal ink
Writing desk with manual typewriter, books and bookshelf, journals, writing implements and eyeglasses - overlooking a field of lavender under a beautiful blue sky with clouds and sunrays

Image created by JL Tooker @ Shutterstock.AI

sprig of lavender
sprig of lavender

Writing Dreams

A woman who wants to be a writer follows her dreams and sits among the teal and lavender tinged clouds, writing in her journal

I have been looking forward to becoming a writer all of my life. So here I am, finally giving myself permission.

You are invited to come along. Wake the storyteller within and journey with me, because … if I can do it, you can do it. Let’s go!

Writing Crone

Carving Runes

Old pagan woman carving ogham symbols on stone, runes

Glimpse into untamed realms as seen through older eyes in a young world. Delve into the craft of writing with me and see how we weave our journey.

New Circles

Works in Progress

A circle of writers with an ancient stone theater in the background

Here you can steal a sneak peek at what I’m currently writing or planning to write. Just a taste to tease and an opportunity for you to share in a bigger circle.

Old Stones

What’s Come Before

Young pagan girl learning to carve runes in stone

We all come from somewhere. Here you will find the old stones that have led me to where I am today. Old writings – mine along with others who have inspired me.